European Operations Technical Conference (EOTC)

Date April 16 – April 19, 2018
IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH
Schönaicher Strasse 220
71032 Böblingen
Tel. : ( 0049) 7031/16 0
Monday, 13:00
Thursday, 12:00
Conference language English
Conference fee
350 € (for GSE members)
450 € (for non-GSE members)

Organized by:
Gabriele Frey-Ganzel
IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH
System Automation for z/OS Development
Phone: ( 0049) 7031/16 4266  
Fax: ( 0049) 7031/16 3387
E-mail: gfrey@de.ibm.com

Today's businesses are continually evolving in complexity, size and speed.
It is absolutely necessary for businesses to effectively plan, manage and control their computing resources ... anytime ... anyplace ... anywhere!
EOTC is 3  days of technical lectures, discussions, workshops and live demonstrations that enables you to implement the best solutions for your business environment.

General Information and Highlights

EOTC '18 will emphasize "Automated Operations" on the zSeries and several distributed platforms with a range of IBM system management solutions, mainly IBM System Automation for z/OS, IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS and IBM NetView for z/OS. Other topics might be Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS), z/OS Automation Infrastructure and the IBM Systems Management products. The focus is on the mainframe environment but extends out into the entire enterprise. Multiple sessions including customer experiences will be presented for these solutions.

This conference will focus on the core automation products and issues: what’s new in the world of system automation, how your automation peers are using automation solutions to solve real-world business problems, development work in progress within the whole System Automation family and other products of the System Management product portfolio. So plan to attend EOTC 2018 and renew old acquaintances, meet new colleagues, and learn about new automation resources, solutions and tools.
The effectiveness of GSE is down to excellent cooperation between all members. All members are encouraged to share experiences and know-how of large-scale IT equipment and systems, so that each can increase its own efficiency and keep pace with ever evolving and advancing techniques.
The EOTC is a technical conference in which all attendees participate. It is focused on Mainframe (z/OS) themes with IBM System Automation for z/OS, IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS and IBM NetView for z/OS but also extends out into the enterprise with a focus on distributed systems.

Additionally we plan to provide certain break-out sessions running in parallel.

This arrangement benefits both IBM's customers and IBM's product development teams. Customers are exposed to product plans of their favorite IBM system management products as well as some with which they aren't currently familiar; product developers receive feedback from both current and potential customers. Sessions are presented by representatives from both IBM software development teams and their customers. Interaction and feedback is both expected and encouraged.
Topics focus on IBM's automation products but extend to the IBM system management portfolio; likewise, the focus is on the mainframe environment but extends out into the enterprise.
This year we will require again all attendees to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This allows all speakers to talk freely about product futures and plans.